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We provide diagnosis, maintenance, and repair services for your appliances! Whatever appliance you have at home, we are 99 percent sure that we can diagnose, maintain, and repair it for you!

Home Service

Whether you are calling for your home or your business, we will deploy a repairman to help you with your needs. When an appliance breaks down, you can count on us!

Reliable Professionals

Do not try to fix it because you might just have more problems with it, and it could cost you more if that happens. So just give us a call, and we will be right over! We can get to where you are at the fastest time possible.

Quick Solutions

Please be sure to provide us with information about where you are, the problem, the appliance that needs to get checked or fixed, and the like, so we can prepare the things we need to bring. When you give us such information, we can already think of the things that are wrong with the appliance. And because we already have different scenarios playing in our mind, we can immediately diagnose the problem and inform you what the problem is.

100% Fully Insured

Our company is also fully insured, so you do not have to worry about anything. We will pay for any damages and be responsible for any liabilities if a problem arises in the process of the diagnosis, maintenance, or repair services you asked us to do. We will be cautious in handling your appliances despite having insurance. With us, your appliances are in expert, knowledgeable, and safe hands!

Guaranteed Diagnosis

We also guarantee that the diagnosis that our repairmen do is usually a hundred percent correct. They have been doing this for years now. Usually, with the thorough inspection that they do, their skills, and their expertise, they find out the real problems causing you inconveniences. They will see other problems while they inspect the appliances and expect that they will inform you about it, too!

Trusted Maintenance

As for the maintenance, our team guarantees you that if you ask for our maintenance services, we will serve you over and beyond what you expect. We will help you make your appliances' lives longer so you can use them for a lengthier time!

Mighty Repairs

For our repair services, we can guarantee that the repairs will last a long time. You won't have to call us about the same problem again! We have been servicing many people over the years already, and not once did we get a complain about the repairs that we did on their appliances. The only calls that we get are from loyal customers who call us whenever problems arise with the other appliances in their home or business


Call us up at (541) 262-6447, and we will be happy to assist you with your problems! We have the friendliest staff who can listen to your issues with your appliance, and the team will let us know about it before we can deploy a repairman to your home!
You can also come by our office at Bend, Oregon. You can bring your appliance with you, or you can just consult with us.

Because with us, there's no job too small, we fix them all!


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