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Google almost has everything now – the answer to your math problems, the answer to the questions your kids ask you, the answers for directions when you are lost, and many more. However, not everything is on Google because sometimes, you have appliances at home that just won’t work. No matter how many pieces of advice there are on Google about how you can fix your fridge, your washing machine, your appliances, and the like, you just can’t seem to identify the problem.
That is what we are here for! We offer services related to diagnosing the exact problem that your appliance needs fixing. The danger of leaving the diagnosis to Google or letting pieces of advice from the internet guide you is that it could lead to further damage. You think you might be saving money by not contacting us when you have problems with your appliances, but the truth is, you might spend more. Because you tried to do something to your appliance without professional help and enough knowledge, you could end up messing up the wirings, get electrocuted, or even cause a fire in your home.
So if you have problems with your appliances today, we are here to help. We will do the following to ensure that we diagnose the problem correctly:


First, we will come by your home during the time you set an appointment with us. We are punctual so you don’t have to worry about waiting for us because we will be there on the dot!
Next, we will be asking you questions about the problem then we will be checking the appliance that is not working. You will see our repairman listing down some symptoms while they check your appliances. They will be checking out the make and the model, too, so they know what they are dealing with. With a thorough inspection, our repairman can narrow down the possible problem with your appliances. The repairman will also have to ask you about any history of a previous repair so he knows if that could be the problem again.

After which, the repairman will do some standard procedures that we are trained to do with the appliance in question. Just let our repairman do the job, and you will soon know what the problem is! With our diagnosis, you can be sure that you won’t have any problems with your appliance again. We will check out all the possible issues your appliance is experiencing and is about to experience.



When the diagnosis is over, the repairman will run you through the problem and let you know what needs to be done. From there, you can already decide if the repairman can work on the appliance immediately. We are equipped so the repairman can work on the appliance the moment you say yes to what needs to get fixed!

The repairman will likewise give you the price range of how much the repair will cost plus the labor. If your appliance needs a replacement part, our repairman can give us a call and deliver what he needs immediately. All of these will be run through you before he proceeds with the repair.
So call us today at (541) 262-6447 or visit our office at Bend, Oregon.

Because with us, there's no job too small, we fix them all!


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