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Appliances got invented to make our lives easier. That is why you need to maintain them so they won’t fail you when you need them the most!
We are Redmond Appliance Repair, and we would like to help you maintain your appliances. We want you to know that taking care of your appliances will help you in the long run. Maintenance will just cost you a small amount of money. But with our help in maintaining the machines that you frequently use at home, you will be saving a lot of money in the long run. You will be able to make your appliances last longer, and as a result, you won’t have to constantly buy appliances to help you with your tasks and chores at home. And because you use them for a longer time, you save money and get your money’s worth!
The usual appliances that need maintenance are:


What you can do to help with the maintenance is never overloading your fridge with different items. If you overload it, chances are, the compressor has to work more just to keep everything in the fridge cold and fresh.

As for us, when it comes to maintaining your refrigerator, it would be on the technical side. We will make sure that the compressor works just fine, the motor, the evaporator, the wires, and the like. If these are always checked, you are confident that you will never have a problem with your refrigerator, and it can serve its purpose for many years to come!

Washing Machine

Another common appliance that you have at your home that you always use is the washing machine. Sometimes, however, you tend to overwork it and overlook the maintenance needs of the washing machine. You do not want to have a problem with this appliance because clean clothes are necessary! Hand washing is just too much work, so you need our maintenance services to help you never hand wash anything in your life.

What you can do to help with the maintenance is to wash in smaller loads. You can also wipe and clean the inside of the washer to remove the soap residue and dirt. You should also keep the machine’s door open to let the moisture and dampness evaporate.
As for our maintenance services, we will make sure that the tubes where the water drains or the tubes for the dryer work perfectly fine. We will also remove lint and other items that could clog your machine. Frequent check-ups like this will help your washing machine have a longer life!


This appliance is also frequently used in any household. The usual problems with dishwashers pertain to the clogged filter. If this gets clogged, water cannot be appropriately sprayed throughout the dishes, and you will have issues after each load. We can help you maintain your dishwasher so that each plate, cup, bowls, spoons, forks, pots, pans, and the like will come out of the washer squeaky clean!
There are so many more appliances that we can help maintain for you! Whatever you have in mind, name it, and we will help you maintain it!
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