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The sample appliances you see above, no matter the size, we will be ready to diagnose, maintain, or repair it for you! But please do not be mistaken that we are limited to the appliances in the photo. Whatever appliance you are thinking of, we are 99.9 percent sure that we can diagnose, maintain, or repair it! So give us a call or visit our office so we can check it out and render our services to you


We have been in the business for many years now so we’ve seen so many brands in the appliance industry. We diagnosed, maintained, and repaired both major and minor brands in the market. So, whatever the brand you have at home, do not hesitate to call us because we know that we can provide quality service for you!
Our technicians and repairmen are very up-to-date with the latest make and models of appliances so whether you have a dated or a modern appliance at home, we are sure to diagnose, maintain, or repair them. So schedule an appointment with us today!


Do We Offer Same Day Service?

We try our best to cater to your needs during an emergency. We have a lot of repairmen and technicians on standby for urgent cases. We understand that you need the appliance you want to be diagnosed, maintained, or repaired that is why you want us to be there immediately. Just give us a call or visit us in our office so we can have a look at your appliance that is causing you problems or inconveniences.
You can look at some of our testimonials from previous customers on how we solved their urgent problems:

Our Client's Feedbacks

Julie S.

I am so glad that Redmond Oregon Appliance repair was available when I called them. I know I didn’t schedule any appointment with them prior but it was so nice of them to accommodate me. I couldn’t get any other appliance repair company to work on my washing machine ASAP and I’m just so glad I found them!

Bob C.

When I got back home one evening, I noticed that my heater wasn’t working. It was so cold that I know I could not survive the night if I didn’t contact anyone. A friend of mine recommended Redmond Oregon Appliance repair and I did not waste time so I called them immediately. It was already around 9 in the evening when I called but thankfully, they still came by and checked on my heater. I am so thankful they diagnosed and repaired the problem that same night!
Thank you Redmond Oregon Appliance repair, you are a life saver!

Amy R.
Office Worker

I searched for nearby appliance repair companies near my area and their website came up. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am that they took my call. I was preparing dinner for my friends when my stove just stopped working. I tried everything and I was already desperate because we have been planning this for weeks and I didn’t want to spoil the evening by serving them store-bought dinner. I called Redmond Oregon Appliance Repair and in just minutes, a technician was outside my door ready to check out the problem. Needless to say, my friends were happy with the dinner I served.
Five stars for you guys!

Our Repairmen/Technician

We want to ensure that you get only the best quality of service from our team. That is why we always send our repairmen or technicians to seminars that talks about the latest ways to diagnose, maintain, and repair your appliances. We make sure that if there aren’t available seminars out there, we also call experts so they can give a talk to our technicians or repairmen.
Before hiring them, we made sure that they met the standards that our company upholds. We set the bar so high that we have only the best repairmen and technicians in the area!

What services do you offer?


That is what we are here for! We offer services related to diagnosing the exact problem that your appliance needs fixing. The danger of leaving the diagnosis to Google or letting pieces of advice from the internet guide you is that it could lead to further damage. You think you might be saving money by not contacting us when you have problems with your appliances, but the truth is… Read More


We are Redmond Oregon Appliance Repair, and we would like to help you maintain your appliances. We want you to know that taking care of your appliances will help you in the long run. Maintenance will just cost you a small amount of money. But with our help in maintaining the machines that you frequently use at home, you will be… Read More


We have been in the appliance repair industry for so many years now. We can no longer count how many washing machines we serviced, how many microwave ovens we checked out and solved the problem, how many dryers we fixed to prevent fires at home, and so much more! So when it comes to your appliance repair needs, there's no one better to call but… Read More

How much do your services cost?

We have reasonable and affordable services so you do not have to worry about the costs! We will tell you upfront how much the cost will be after you give us a call, visit our office, or after you set up an appointment with us. If you want to know an estimate, click below for a free estimate!

Why Work With Us Today?

With our experience and expertise in the field of appliance diagnosis, maintenance, and repair, you are in good hands. We go over and beyond and we practice our profession with passion and commitment. You will never have any problem with us because we assure that after we leave your home, you won’t be calling us for the same problem again! The only time we expect to hear anything from you is when you have another appliance that needs diagnosis, maintenance, or repair.
Because with Redmond Oregon Appliance Repair, there’s no job too small, we fix them all! And we will promise you that we really fix it, there’s no back jobs, and we even offer a warranty just to make you feel ensured when transacting with us.
Call us today or visit us so we can make your life easier by taking the little inconveniences out of your hands!